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The Petit Fashion Week

by Charhadas...

11 Oct 2017 · Blog
the petite fashion week 2148

I’d like to personally give you full detail of our experience in this event, organized by Charhadas of which we participated after a conversation I had with Carmen Escalona, she transmitted through this conversation, enthusiasm and positivity, and later on, confirmed this feeling after meeting her. 

As many of you that know me know, I’m often guided by my instinct, which is not always good, although this time I’m happy to say, it wasn´t a let down (always speaking in a personal way, and not commercial).  Up to this point, we’d always been quite skeptical to participate in events such as fashion shows or any other type of public events.  Me not being a “party” person along with what I always say “slowly but surely” has passed on to the rest of the team.  But we went…possibly my conversation with Carmen and my “online” relationship with other menbers of her team, made me jump in and take a shot.  Now, a few days later, I can honestly say I’m happy we did.  And I reiterate, not commercially, which probably took a second or third place, but for personal reasons.  We were able to meet wonderful people and put a face on others we only knew through a screen.  And so many others we weren’t able to meet!!!!  I’d love to talk about all of them but I won’t put you through the pain and I’ll give you a brief summery (if I can).  Not to offend anyone but this could take a few more posts!!!

I’ll start off by what was the main importance of the fashion show which would be the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) they were aimed at. Prodis and Garrigou which strive for the integration of children with Down Syndrome as well as institutions such as El sueño de Vicky y Fundación Querer. Everything that’s raised in each event with the tickets is allocated to humanitarian organizations related to children.

Meeting Garrigou with Patricia and our lovely Sofia has been a wonderful experience as well as enriching.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do many things together!! Thank you for all those hugs full of energy sweetie, we miss you so much already!!! We completely recommend you buy her story books for your children, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with them.  And what’s best is that everything is created by these small artists!!! Thank you Patricia for spreading your enthusiasm, we’re thrilled to have met you. 

We completely fell in love with Fundación querer and their fabulous project, so much that we all left with their wonderful coats from The Extreme Collection as well as with their amazing bracelets from Candelas Sastre, everything is donated for the cause. You can also buy by just clicking on the link.  We guarantee you’re going to love it! And not to mention the little “sorrow drowner” dolls (right Pilar?). One more day there and we’d be ruined hahaha.  Thank you so much girls, you’re all amazing.  Can’t wait to share those “coffee” moments again and work together!!! Let’s aim for that school!!! Please allow us to send a special hug to Eva, Pilar and Candela.  We spent some great quality time together. 

We’d also like to mention  Prodis and encourage you to visit their charity shop with amazing their amazing agendas, which we need for our office and El sueño de Vicky, another amazing organization where you’ll be able to collaborate with with their beautiful notebooks.  Remember that “a bit from each one is a lot” and by buying these articles we also educate our children to support these organizations, which is much needed nowadays.  Who’ll join us? 

But our weekend went beyond, we were able to personally meet clients we adore and we had not yet had the pleasure to hug and personally thank them for their loyal trust during these years.  As well as meeting new faces and “making new colleagues”.  From the ones in front our our stand which helped us pass the time with their delicacies, Cristina Oria (everything was so delicious) to others we carry in our hearts like Amor de Algodón which you must visit because you’ll want to buy everything (and if you were to meet them, you’d want them too) and Say please baby, and adorable team with amazing projects, lots of love going your way guys!!!

Another one of our discoveries was the amazing photography from Patricia Semir.  We hadn’t had the pleasure to meet but truly left of speechless.  So much so that it was impossible to choose from, they’re all unbeatable.  Thank you so much, we hope to be able to group up soon!!!

We were able to meet bloggers, followers, friendly shops, and many others we hope to continue to be in contact from now on.  Like my grandmother used to always say, you must always find the positive side to everything…and although it was a huge effort, we received unforgettable moments to keep in our hearts!!!!

What’s our main gratification??? The people!!!!

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