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I love this month so much!!!

03 Nov 2017 · Blog

And not only because it’s the month I was born in, which is also the case, but because this month also goes hand-in-hand with everything that has already happened together with what’s soon to happen.  As we step closer to Christmas, you know how much I love the holidays, when everything turns to magic.  The city smells differently, nature attains colors that seem we’ve never seen before.  Streets fill with people, happiness begins to overflow everything…just yesterday my second daughter said to me after leaving three shops from a central street in our city: Mom, everyone is so nice!!! Do we not notice it now that we’ve been “touched” by what’s coming? November reminds us of where we left our New Years resolutions and encourages us once again for new ones in the upcoming January.  It gives us those smiles and dreams our children get when we start seeing how all the shops begin to lighten up and how those much anticipated toy catalogues begin to reach them…November is the month of our butterfly, celebrating its evolution since nothing would be possible without your love.  Don’t we just love celebrating? I always think the “Moodbluefamily” bonds fun people.

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