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The gift

I could repeat the same words every year because...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

26 Dic 2017 · Blog

It’s such a gift being able to live and enjoy it, the month of preparations and Advent.  It allows us to make a full stop and just think, think about the year that’s gone by, think about what it has left behind, what we’ve learned and specially, think about what we can give back to he, whom we are honoring during this time of year.

The gifts he expects are so simple that most of the time they’re hard give, because going shopping is simple, but respecting, tending to and loving, sometimes we find this so difficult!!!

We suggest that each family member write an anonymous gift.  What’s important is that each of us writes something for baby Jesus.  It can be something we find hard to do or something we’ve already done.  We introduce each piece of paper in a bag, and when the time comes, when baby Jesus is born, let him be the first to receive his gift.  Each family member should read one of the gifts out loud, and after each reading, then the party may begin.  It’s a day to gather, to be happy, and look dainty.  But always keeping in mind who’s birthday it is, JESUS!!!

Have you thought about what your gift is going to be?


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