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Porto (Part I)

A city you fall in love with

12 Ene 2018 · Blog

It was not a planned trip, as it tends to happen in my family.  I´d be lying if I said different.  We came back absolutely in love and quite amazed at what a beautiful neighboring city we have.  As many of you that follow us know, Portugal is now almost our second home.  And although Comporta is one of our favorite vacation sites and Fátima is a reference to us, we try to visit other cities and none disappoint.  
This time we decided to return to a city we´d only gone to for work issues and the girls had never visited.  It was a good time for a “familytrip” we enjoy so much.
We were surprised to see that such a large amount of Spanish people had chosen, as we had, the same vacation site for the long weekend.
We arrived late on the first day and after dropping off all the suitcases in the hotel, we visited the Ribera del Duero towards the city while planning what we would visit the following days to come.  We were surprised to see such majestic buildings from the XVIII century.  If only they could speak and describe their interesting history.
And as we continued with our roadmap, our next visit the following morning would be Aveiro.  Known as “The Portuguese Venice” due to its canals.  We fell in love with the city from the very first moment.  We were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful day and took a nice relaxing ride on a gondola which, without a doubt, was an incredible experience we highly recommend.  
Near Aveiro, you´ll find Costa Nova beach which makes it a “must stop”visit with its famous striped wooden colored houses and enjoy an improvised photo shoot.  These beautiful homes are a complete daydream… amazing the peace you receive from such a enchanting little town.


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