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He who is different from me does not impoverish me, he enriches me (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

30 Mar 2018 · Blog

I´ve always thought that the best gift we can leave our children are their siblings, and now as a mother I reaffirm myself by saying that when life gives you a sister, it´s all the more special.  Their complicity and emotional connexion uniting them and their unbreakable ties overcome any type of explanation.  Those of you with daughters will understand and share with me the bond that goes beyond anything else. 
“It´s such an emotional, biological and intimate connection, that anyone lucky enough to have a sister knows very well what a true treasure it is to value and nourish” (Google) 
When they were little, I would daydream about how much I´d love to see them go out shopping together and now, as if time had passed by all of a sudden, my cell phone is all about pictures in dressing rooms…and it´s so much fun.  But it´s not all fun and games, we also have those love/hate moments.  Arguments to wear each others shoes, (thank goodness they can´t share clothes) as well as other types of arguments that surpass my acoustic level, but it´s also a fact that these arguments don´t usually last longer than it takes me to brew coffee and therefore wiped out of my head for those other moments full of “unbearable” laughter, songs that they only understand, “teenybopper” games and dances, and so many other wonderful moments to remember…
Wonderful gifts of life!!
Today, amazing images of these little Moodblue kiddos we love so much I believe join, in the best possible way, this humble “audible” thought.
Thank you Bea for allowing us to publish them, I adore you!!! 


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