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Counting down the days the color blue will flood, even more, over our lives.

12 Abr 2018 · Blog

I actually think that the power of the color blue and what it projects in our minds, has a scientific explanation although I don´t have any understanding on the matter.  And just maybe, that´s the reason why the ocean has such a complete power over me and long for the holidays without the usual rushes that surrounds me.
I always say my daughters are like mermaids since they can be immerse in water as one of King Achelous famous daughter´s or the better known by all of us, “The Little Mermaid”…
Who doesn´t yet have their minds set on a sunbed with a refreshing lemonade and good book while listening the the ocean´s breeze? This year the winter season arrived a bit late and while the majority of us were afraid of the drought, now it´s like that never ending music class when our teacher just repeated himself while we only thought of recess.
Dear winter, we love our blanket and sofa time together with the sound of the rain stroking the window, the hot chocolate, Christmas and hundreds of other special moments you offer us, but we need you to make way to the amazing sunrays that, apart from nourishing our bones, they also nourish our soul.
And in the mean time, we´ll go back to moments as these…


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