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What Moodblue has joined together

As the known phrase goes...

22 May 2018 · Blog

…let no man separate.

PROUD and I mean it with capital letters for all we´ve accomplished and for all we will accomplish.  Because Moodblue is not just another brand name, it´s a small and wonderful family.  A family aiming in the same direction despite us all being unique and different.  And that´s the cultural richness, we love, respect and accompany each other in many daily situations and not only with fashion, but also with others from different cities or countries.
One of those viruses that sometimes carry our little ones has invaded our house.  We´ve all gotten it one by one and I´ll recognize that my exhaustion could be categorized as a VIP. 
And since someone up there all of a sudden must´ve taken pity on me, a certain someone I completely adore sent me a photograph which recharged my energy to last a while.  Maybe for some of you it could be of little importance, but it means a great deal to me…I would´ve loved to have been there!!! Although this has given us a great idea that we´ve already begun to give it great thought.


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