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Return policy


Domestic shipping:

Shipping to any destination within the Spanish peninsula has a fee of 6 €.
There will be no shipping cost for orders above 150 €.

For other destinations in Spain, shipping fees are:
Spain - Baleares. (Shipping fee: 6 €. Free for purchases above 250 €)
Spain – Canary Islands. (Shipping fee: 26€. Free for purchases above 350 €)

Delivery time will depend on destination.  Shipping within Spain will have a delivery time of 2 to 4 working days.

International Shipping:

Portugal. (Shipping fee: 7 €. Free for purchases above 250 €)
Deutchland. (Shipping fee: 20 €. Free for purchases above 350 €)
France. (Shipping fee: 20 €. Free for purchases above 350 €)
Greece. (Shipping fee: 20 €. Free for purchases above 350 €)
Italy. (Shipping fee: 20 €. Free for purchases above 350 €)
United Kingdom. (Shipping fee: 20 €. Free for purchases above 350 €)
USA. (Shipping fee: 26 €. Free for purchases above 350 €)
Japan. (Shipping fee: 60 €. Free for purchases above 600 €)

For shipping to other countries, please e-mail us for more information to


In accordance with article 102 of the LGDCyU, the user will have the right to cancel the purchase of product contract  (with the exception of those established by the legislation) and return the products delivered at any given time within fourteen (14) calendar days from its delivery date.  We will proceed to refund the user the complete cost of the purchase, meaning, price of product plus shipping fee.

If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, you will need to give us notice via mail at: Likewise, it is necessary to return all items in perfect condition with original tags to: THE MERCHANTS CREW, S.L. Calle San Nicolas 45-3b, 15001 La Coruña. The office will be open from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 14:00. The Transportation fees corresponding to refunds shall be borne by the user, with accordance to what is established in article 108 LGDCyU. Returns made by ordinary mail may take up to 14 days to receive, this being the maximum term for acceptance of a previously informed return.

The user will be able to request, instead of refund of the amount paid for the previous item, a substitution of another product or the application of a new product as part of the price.  In this case, the client will likewise assume shipping fees of the product or products substituting the previous item or items.

In the exercise of the right of withdrawal, TMC reserves the right to refuse returns and/or substitutions communicated or sent outside the established time or if the products are not in the same condition as when the client received them. In the event the refund proceeds, TMC will carry out refund to the user before the 14 calendar days of the date notified of the withdrawal of the contract.  Without prejudice to the foregoing, according to the provisions in article 107 LGDCyU, TMC will retain the amount to be refunded up until receiving the product/products returned or until the user presents proof of its return. Swimwear, socks or underwear items may not be exchanged or returned.

Return or substitution of defective items, damaged or received by error

If the user considers the product non-conforming, they should contact TMC by mail to identifying the product purchased along with the order number and the flaw or reason for its return. TMC will proceed to: 1) refund the total amount by the client for the purchase of the item – including shipping fee- by bank transfer directed to the person who purchased the damaged product; or 2) substitute for a new product of the same class as the previous one but without flaws, which shipping fees will be paid by TMC of the substitution products.

In the above event, the return or substitution of the Product will be carried out as soon as possible and, in any case, within the fourteen (14) calendar days following the date in which the fault was verified on the product.  If at the time of delivery the fault is visible and clear, without needing to manipulate packaging, or those of the product, if a product contains damage caused by the transportation agency or if seen in the same form, an error with the product received, the client should contact TMC by mail to, within 24 hours following receipt of the product in order to carry out the return of the product or products affected and at the same time substitute for a new one or refund of the price paid by the person.

Those damages produced by the transportation agency which are visible only by unpacking the product should be communicated to during the first 24 hours of reception of the product in the same said form above, indicating order number, damages caused on the product, advising of the affected product to be returned and substitution of a new one or refund of the price paid by the person.  TMC will examine the product and will inform you if you’re entitled to a substitution of the product.  We will not proceed to the return of those products, which are not in the same condition in which they were received or if they have been used beyond the mere opening the packaging.  The return or substitution of the item will be carried out as soon as possible and in which case, within 14 days following the date of email confirming the refund or substitution of the non-compliant item.

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